Hospitality Student Spotlight: Wayne Bersano

In-class education is complemented by the many out-of-class experiences and networking opportunities.

Hotel and Restaurant Management student Wayne Bersano has excelled as a leader within the College of Business and beyond. Currently in his junior year, he holds the position of President in the Hospitality Management Student Association and is also President of the Ferris State University Student Government Association. He was recently awarded the Michigan Campus Compact Heart and Soul Award and Ferris’ Rising Star Award and is studying abroad at Hochschule Rhein Waal University in Germany.

Wayne discovered his life-long goal of owning and managing restaurants and hotels as he listened to a hotel owner speak at a conference during his high school years. He knew he had the necessary attributes to succeed in this type of management role, as he loves working with and bringing joy to people, international travel, and learning about new cultures. When choosing where to study, Wayne was looking for a friendly campus small enough to where he could run into people he knew, yet large enough to have a variety of opportunities for involvement.

“I chose Ferris because it has one of the best hospitality programs in Michigan,” Wayne says. “I met with some of the faculty and they were exceptionally welcoming to me. I felt like the Hospitality Program was like a family of its own. All aspects of my visits to campus were done with such ease and friendliness I immediately knew Ferris could easily be a home away from home for me.”

In his past two years on campus, Wayne truly has created for himself a home within Ferris. He has held numerous positions within Student Government and the Hospitality Management Student Association, both of which he now leads as president, and has held positions of Community Service and Precollege Outreach Chairs in the National Society of Minorities in Hospitality. He is a member of Eta Sigma Delta, Colleges Against Cancer, and AIESEC, was a Peer Mentor for the Honors program, served on the Student Leadership and Activities Advisory Council, and was a member of the Newman Center for Catholic Students and Fearless Cross Training. He was also a finalist in the Honors Speech Competition.

All of Wayne’s involvement on campus is helping him to grow as a person and a professional. To Wayne, traveling, making new friends, and learning and growing are very important, so he also likes to frequently attend conferences around the country and seek out experiences.

“In the classroom I’m gaining an education of how things are done, how to keep guests and employees safe, and how to provide the best service possible but that in-class education is complemented by the many out-of-class experiences and networking opportunities that are available to further my professional skills and understanding of this industry.”

Wayne is currently studying abroad in Germany at Hochschule Rhein Waal University for the Spring semester. While he admits that his classes keep him busy during the week, Wayne uses his weekends to explore Europe. So far, he has been able to visit various parts of Germany, the Netherlands, and Italy. He also hopes further travel around Germany and visit England, Belgium, and Poland before the end of the semester.

“If a person is interested in learning about new cultures, wants a change of pace, would like to meet new people, desires to discover more about himself or herself, loves to travel, or just wants to get out of their comfort zone and expand their horizons then they should definitely study abroad. This has been one of the best experiences of my life and I am enjoying every moment I spend in Europe.”

Wayne also adds that he is grateful that the College of Business is extremely supportive of students gaining experiences like study abroad. To help with his travel expenses, he was able to receive a scholarship through COB, which made his semester exchange much easier financially.

Wayne advises people considering hospitality to learn to be outgoing and to get passionate about the industry and where it will take them. He also emphasizes the importance of liking people and being willing to work with them.

“The Hospitality program is great for anyone to go into that wants the opportunity to work in new and exciting places. We have a lot of fun and we get results doing it so if that sounds like something that interests a student I would highly suggest they look into this field. There’s something about bringing a smile to those around me that brings genuine satisfaction to my life and I think that’s part of the key to success.”

Upon graduation from Ferris, Wayne plans to enroll in a management training program with a hospitality company. While working for this company, he will gain new experiences and expand his knowledge on how to properly run an efficient and successful hotel so that he can one day own and manage his own hotels and restaurants.

What about you? Are you outgoing? Do you love bringing joy to others? Find out more about studying in the Hospitality Program by checking out their page today.