Hunter Depalma, a senior in the Marketing program with a concentration in Sports Marketing

Internship with Pensacola Blue Wahoos Allows Marketing Student to Combine Passion and Profession

Hunter Depalma, a senior in the Marketing program with a concentration in Sports Marketing, is currently on internship with the Pensacola Blue Wahoos. The Pensacola Blue Wahoos is a Double-A baseball team that is is affiliated with the Cincinnati Red Baseball Organization in Pensacola, Florida.

While working for the Pensacola Blue Wahoos, DePalma is learning how to promote and sell ballpark packages at each game to Blue Wahoo fans. She also focus her efforts on fundraisers and sponsorships from local businesses in the area.

“My classes have helped me tremendously, especially the Sports Marketing classes that Ferris offers. It helped me get prepared for busy game days and taught me how to manage my time during the games,” said DePalma.

DePalma always knew she wanted to have a profession with sports. Growing up, she was raised by a professional athlete, her father, who played in the NHL for 12 years. Her childhood revolved around both volleyball and softball, so when she chose to play volleyball at Ferris State she felt right at home.

Later she realized the College of Business has a major that could include being around sports for the rest of her life. Marketing students are given the opportunity to select a concentration in subject areas such as Sports Marketing, Retailing, or Sales. This allows them to gain expertise in a specific type of marketing. The transition from playing sports to a more behind the scenes role as a developing Sports Marketing professional has allowed DePalma to continue to be a part of something she has loved her whole life.

While DePalma no longer plays on the Varsity Women’s Volleyball team as a result of an injury, she still attends many Ferris sporting events and continues to be passionate about involving sports in her career.

In the future, DePalma plans on working for another professional sports team. Her goal is to find her dream job that involves both marketing and sports.

“Taking this internship with the Wahoos was the best decision I have ever made,” said DePalma, “[because] it showed me how passionate someone could be about their job!”