Bryce Coty is a senior in the Information Security and Intelligence program. He spent summer 2017 on internship at SpartanNash.

Eager to Learn: Information Security and Intelligence Senior Bryce Coty Gains Knowledge at SpartanNash Internship

As a senior in the Information Security and Intelligence program and a student computer support technician for Ferris, Bryce Coty is extremely knowledgeable about computers. While he could have gone into his internship at SpartanNash ready to show off what he has learned, he took a different approach; he sought to continue learning.

“I try to always be a student. In Information Security, new techniques, tools, and threats are always emerging. If I were to stop trying to be a student and taking in everything I can, then I could easily fall behind,” Coty said. “I wanted to make sure that what I brought to the workplace each day was an eagerness to learn and an embodiment of the Ferris State University spirit.”

Over the four-month span of his internship in the SpartanNash data center, Coty found copious opportunities to live out the Ferris Core Value of “learning.” Through his role, he learned the company’s network operations and distributed systems. During a group project with other interns at the company, he learned about web design and web security. Then, by joining the IT Security team for the final week of his internship, he learned how a full-scale penetration test of critical systems is carried out.

“Before the internship, I had only heard of mainframe computers in textbooks,” Coty said. “That all changed this summer. I learned how to interact with two different mainframe operating systems, schedule jobs to run on the system, and follow generated reports all the way to the web where the company’s vendors and customers can access them at their leisure.”

As a Ferris student, Coty feels he had an advantage while searching for his internship. He knows his education and his experience at his on-campus job helped prepare him to be successful. And employers know it too.

Ferris is the cornerstone upon which my experience is built.

“Ferris is the cornerstone upon which my experience is built. I think having Ferris State University on my résumé speaks to employers in a big way about my work ethic and attitude, and that’s something that can be invaluable when finding a job. If it weren’t for Ferris, I have to believe my experiences thus far would look very different.”

Coty believes knowledge can be gained everywhere. He suggested that students who have trouble finding internships broaden their search and look into opportunities in related fields that can help them move toward their ultimate goal.

“SpartanNash is a Fortune 350 company. They have resources that I simply would not have access to otherwise, and I am very appreciative towards the people at SpartanNash that helped make my internship a success. If nothing else, I spent an entire summer learning all kinds of things about my industry, making friends and connections, and getting myself accustomed to corporate life. In a certain sense, I think I have grown as an IT professional.”

As part of his Information Security and Intelligence major, Coty has a split concentration between Penetration Testing and Digital Forensics. During his time at Ferris, he has been involved with the Information Security and Intelligence Alliance and played intramural softball.

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