“Love What You Do” in Ferris State PR

To me love what you do means discovering things in your life that you can be passionate and positive about.

Some students hem and haw about their college workload, and then there are those who truly love the career path they’ve chosen and they dive right in, loving every minute of it.

Students in Ferris State University’s Public Relations program are one such group that love what they do and live by that philosophy.

As one of the careers expecting substantial growth in jobs, it may seem that students join the program to have a better shot at employment after college but students gain much more than a diploma in this program. They gain a career to look forward to every day, a great network and support system, and they live the idea behind Ferris’ public relations program. They “love what they do”.

What does this philosophy mean, “love what you do?” There are many ways to look at it, but some of the best descriptions come from the students who have lived that idea at Ferris.

“To me love what you do means discovering things in your life that you can be passionate and positive about,” said Alexa Donakowski, an active member in Ferris’ Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) and senior in Ferris’ Business Administration program. “Whether it be school or work, hobbies or friends, finding those aspects in your life that make you happy and want to grow are what living is all about.”

The public relations program strives to gives student a strong footing in business by taking a variety of core classes, from accounting to marketing. In the public relations classes all aspects of the field are incorporated using out-of-class projects, bringing in public relations specialists to share knowledge and tips, and hands-on homework in the classroom. While there is a high standard to adhere to, students are also given the opportunity to choose the direction of their own assignments in higher level classes, a pleasure not granted to many.

“‘Love What You Do’ was the first expression I read about Ferris State PR when I was considering joining it. To me it means be creative in everything I do,” said public relations senior and PRSSA President, A.J. Petix. “Whether it’s a class project like my capstone PR campaign or a real-life application like my summer internships, I always love what I do.”

Students who are dedicated to achieving more than a degree can also become involved in PRSSA, the student-run public relations firm on campus. It’s here that students have a chance to bond with their classmates and work together to shape their education.

Members of PRSSA learn about the real work load of public relations professionals by bringing in speakers, participating and supporting on-campus events, visiting public relations agencies and engaging in tasks that professionals deal with day-to-day by working with real, local clients.

With such a wide offering of options and students from every background, public relations students, from freshmen to seniors, have a sense of belonging and potential that extends beyond the bounds of a normal classroom. Positive attitudes and helping hands are plentiful and welcoming to new and returning students and many leave with a bigger family than they came into the program with.

“Deciding my major was a long-process, however, when I looked into Ferris’ PR program I couldn’t see myself anywhere else,’” said public relations student Emma Thibault. “Even though my PR career has just begun, I love the sense of motivation and enthusiasm when I think about my future within the PR world; this is a truly amazing feeling.”

More information about Ferris and the public relations program can be found at the Ferris PRSSA website.