Go Big or Go Home: Lucas Beaudoin’s Internship Experiences

Ferris State University PGA Golf Management senior, Lucas Beaudoin, decided to go big or go home for his internships. The PGA Golf Management program includes 16 months of required internships providing real world experience at PGA-recognized golf facilities all over the United States.

Beaudoin’s first internship was in Missouri at Big Cedar Lodge. During his time there, his main responsibilities were outside operations and getting players started on their first tee. His second internship was in Oregon at Bandon Dunes. There he worked mostly in the retail shops and check in. For his last internship he went all the way to San Francisco California to work at the California Golf Club. His responsibilities were to work in the shops and run the tournaments.

After he graduates, the skills Beaudoin learned from his internships will be used right away in his career. Learning how to use POS system, check in customers, and do merchandising are essential skills for entering the Pro Golf Management field. Without internships, Beaudoin said he would not have learned these skills and would struggle entering the field.

“Without internships, you would struggle early, there are people that come in here early and have never worked at a golf course before and if they go through the four years to get their PGA certification without doing an internship, they’re still not going to know what to do once they get out there. So it’s probably the most important part on becoming a PGA member and graduating with this degree. There’s three requirements, which are the tests, the play ability test, and then internships.”

Completing three internships also helped Beaudoin become a more outgoing and relatable person. Talking to members and being personable is an essential skill because you want customers to have a good experience every time they go golfing.

“I was a pretty shy guy when I first got here, so that was a pretty big learning curve at first. You really want to be relatable and make people have a good time.”

Beaudoin said the most rewarding part of his internships was the connections he made because there are so many good people he got to meet and interact with.

Some advice that Beaudoin gives to students looking for internships is to go big or go home. An internship is an amazing opportunity to travel without the restraints of having to stay there long term. Going to new places and trying new things can help you decide what you want to do with your career.