Peter Lobbes, Marketing Senior

Marketing Intern: Peter Lobbes

I now know what is expected out in the real world.

Originally seeking a degree in automotive engineering technology, Peter Lobbes will be receiving a Marketing degree next spring. Peter denotes changing his major as, “the best decision I ever made.”

Peter is currently a sales and marketing intern at AIS Construction Equipment in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Although he does not have a specific area within the marketing industry he would like to focus on, Peter would love to do a little bit of everything. He currently manages the company website and social media pages, creates booklets and flyers, uses his photography skills, and catalogs inventory at his internship.

“Ferris has given me the skills to be able to prepare me for the real world by providing various in-class real world simulations. I have been given the tools to correctly position the company and our products on various Internet platforms in order to increase our revenue stream,” says Peter.

In addition to his internship, Peter is very involved in Ferris’ American Marketing Association (AMA). He accredits his successes to his involvement in the 5-Star registered student organization.

“I believe that [my internship] experience will help me be able to put a greater depth to projects that I will do in the future because I now know what is expected out in the real world,” explains Peter.

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