Marketing Student Assists Others through Internship

During summer 2016, Sean Sobocinski was on internship at Northwestern Mutual, a life insurance and financial planning company. There he put his marketing skills to use selling not products, but services—financial services.

With a focus on long term care, Sobocinski assisted with risk management involvement concerning life and disability. He is also utilizing the different financial outlets to customers provided by Northwestern Mutual.

In his role, Sobocinski had the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others by determining where people were at in their life financially and discussing where they wanted to be. By getting the full picture, he was able to assist customers in determining what they needed.

“I try to do it in a way that will help the out the most,” said Sobocinski, “I don’t want to be just the ‘sale’ guy; I actually want to help people.”

At Northwestern Mutual, Sobocinski was not only learning how to market the financial services available, but he was also advising customers. By getting to know the customer and what they wanted to do, Sobocinski provided a way to help them prepare for the future.

Entering into his his fifth year at Ferris, Sobocinski advises students to explore their options as soon as possible. Internships provide an extensive amount of experience that will help shape a student into a productive member of the professional world.

One of the most surprising aspects for Sobocinski during his internship was he learned there are many different aspects to marketing and sales. Being involved with the finance field has piqued his interest and has encouraged him to seek an involvement with finance in the future.