Seek Opportunities: Oren Whiteside’s Internship At Spectrum

You need to go out and see how it is in the real world to really understand the topic

Ferris State University student Oren Whiteside, majoring in accountancy and minoring in finance, used his network to find an internship for the summer of 2019.

Whiteside interned at Spectrum in Big Rapids, MI in the accountancy department. Spectrum is consistently working towards decreasing the cost of health care for community members. Whiteside was able to work first hand with the team currently tasked on finding ways to decrease financial inefficiencies. His responsibility included locating these inefficiencies and removing them from the system.

He also managed cash for the gift shops and cafes in the Big Rapids and Reed City hospitals. He would get the cash, count it, and keep records on the revenues and expenses.

Whiteside assisted with a systematic financial transition during his internship. He said, “Half way through my internship we started to change the way we were recording that cash, so it conformed more to the other hospitals, so I was kind of responsible for that merger and took what we were doing and conform it to what the rest of Spectrum is doing.”

Whiteside said that being involved in a job setting helped him learn so much more about accounting because, “It’s one thing to learn something in a classroom, and then it’s another thing to actually go out and see it in real life,” said Whiteside.

Internships also help students learn about business practices because being immersed in them is the best way to learn more about industry standards. “You need to go out and see how it is in the real world to really understand the topic,” said Whiteside.

Advice that Whiteside would give to students is to network. Use Ferris programs that help you meet with employers and people who are looking for interns. Be involved on campus, seek opportunities, and learn to market yourself.


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