PGA Golf Management Students Put To The Test By The PGA

This past weekend, the Professional Golfers’ Association of America visited Ferris State for the PGA PGM Checkpoint.

Back in 1975, Ferris State was the first university to obtain accreditation from the PGA and provide the PGA Golf Management University Program in their curriculum. There are now currently 20 universities nationwide that are accredited by the PGA.

Professional Golf Management students are required to complete three levels of PGA checkpoints in order to graduate from the program. Each level covers a variety of topics that are essential in a PGM professional’s career.

Level one, the most intense of all three levels, covers more content than any other level and is generally taken within the student’s third year of the program. Some topics covered in level one include PGA Constitutional Bylaws & Regulations, Golf Club Design & Repair, Tournament Operations, and Career Enhancement. Each subject is presented in either a self-study course where students are given a manual or guide of some kind, or in a seminar format that is lead by a rising PGA professional in that field.

After completing level one, levels two and three are more accelerated because the content coverage isn’t as extensive.

Congratulations to the 70 students that participated in the checkpoint and good luck with any remaining levels in the future!