Preparing For The Workforce

Ferris State University is dedicated to ensuring students have the necessary tools they need to be successful after graduation.

Ferris State believes that it has a mission to provide educational resources to students outside of the classroom. Classroom learning gives students the building blocks and technical skills they need to be successful, but outside of the classroom is where students gain knowledge and experience needed to grow in a career. Employers expect more than good grades from employee candidates, and they expect experience beyond the classroom.

Outside of class learning can be offered to students in a variety of ways. Providing students with student organizations built around their major offers students opportunities to engage with people interested in the same field. Registered Student Organizations (RSO) are one of the most common ways that students get involved with their area of study outside of the classrooms. They provide opportunities for students to build their network, talk to current professionals in their field, and gain experience not offered to other students.

Attending 5-star and other university hosted events are another way students can learn outside the classroom. These events give students the chance to hear from leaders in their field talk about their experiences, professionally and personally. The events at Ferris not only help students grow professionally, but help them grow as a person. By hearing other people’s stories, students are more prepared for what life can be like after graduation.

After graduation students will enter a workforce where their peers and leaders are at every stage of life. Before then, most students have lived, worked, and learned with people around their own age. Therefore, entering a workforce that has people from outside their own generation can be hard to navigate. It is important to understand how different generations interact with each other in the workplace so you can work together successfully.

Learning from other generations about their experiences can help students learn to recognize and respect other people’s perspectives. This semester the College of Business Committee on Inclusion is hosting the 4th annual Conversation on Inclusion: The Multigenerational Workforce on September 19, 2019 in the University Center Ballroom from 5:50 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. This event will help students learn how to navigate a workforce that has more generations currently in it than ever before. Students will get perspectives from a baby boomer, a gen X, and a millennial on how different age groups coexist in their workplace.

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