Students play Tennis at the Ferris Racquet & Fitness Center

Professional Tennis Management Program Spotlight

I get a taste of about everything that teaching tennis has to offer, from being on court all day, to running tournaments.

Professional Tennis Management (PTM) student Conner Hunt, will begin his junior year at Ferris State in the fall. Hunt is seeking his degree in one of the most unique, specialized, and successful programs within the College of Business.

“Ferris happens to be one of only a few colleges that even offer such a program as Professional Tennis Management,” said Hunt.

In 1986, Ferris offered the only PTM program in the nation. Today, PTM programs are offered at a select few universities across the country, however Ferris offers the largest Bachelor degree program accredited by the United States Professional Tennis Association (USPTA).

Completing the four-year PTM program at Ferris State results in a Bachelor of Science degree in Business, and a concentration in Marketing or Resort Management. Upon graduation PTM students will also have received their USPTA and Professional Tennis Registry (PTR) professional certifications.

In deciding his major, Hunt chose a realistic approach, “I’ve been playing sports all my life, but tennis has always been more important to me than others. As I got older, and started to think about what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, I realized that there is no better thing to do than what you love every day. I took my passion for the sport and turned it into something I can make a living at.”

In order to acquire realistic job training, PTM students must complete two paid outside internships. An additional third internship at the university-owned and operated Racquet and Fitness Center is also required. The 16-court Racquet and Fitness Center is a valuable resource for the program by providing students’ with on-going, hands-on, curriculum at their convenience.

Hunt is currently interning at Georgetown Prep Tennis Club in Rockville, Maryland. While interning Hunt gets a comprehensive overview of what life in the service industry is like. This prepares him for entering the job force after graduation.

“I get a taste of about everything that teaching tennis has to offer, from being on court all day, to running tournaments,” said Hunt when describing his position as an intern.

In the program’s 19-year lifespan, Ferris State PTM graduates have had a 100% placement rate after completing their education, exemplifying the program’s success rate.

As for his career goals, Hunt hopes to become a Director at a large tennis facility. He accredits his education at Ferris State to his overall success within the industry, “Ferris State University has allowed me to grow as a person, a player, and a coach. It has made me more confident in my abilities by giving me a first-class education.”