Arielle Borkovich, Public Relations Senior

Public Relations Intern: Arielle Borkovich

It is okay to learn as you go. No one expects you to know everything...

Senior Public Relations student Arielle Borkovich is currently interning at the Admissions Office at Ferris State University.

“I am interning here because I love Ferris and I want to learn more about what goes on behind the scenes when recruiting and bringing in new students,” says Arielle.

Currently, Arielle’s workday at the Admissions Office consists of working on various projects, rather than working on the same project for an extended period of time. She accredits her preparedness while interning to PRSSA, an on-campus RSO for aspiring public relations professionals. Arielle serves as the Vice President of Alumni Relations on PRSSA’s Executive Board.

The most valuable piece of information Arielle has learned as an intern is, “It is okay to learn as you go. No one expects you to know everything and the information you gain in your classes is just the foundation that you need to succeed in your career. Real life experience is far more valuable than what you gain from just sitting in a classroom.”

Additionally, Arielle’s internship has prepared her for the remainder of her time at Ferris by teaching her how to live an adult-like lifestyle, learning how to be self-sufficient, and gaining the courage to speak what’s on her mind.

To learn more about the Internship Program at Ferris State University’s College of Business, visit their page or email Internship Coordinator, Paul Kwant, at


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