Risk Management and Insurance Student: Scott Sawyer

The insurance and risk management industry is one of the most rewarding and fulfilling fields a student can pursue.

“From what I have heard, Ferris State University has a rather rich history of producing successful Insurance and Risk Management graduates. Thanks to the always helpful Dr. David Brown, an experienced professional of the field, the program has been revitalized and once again offers students a chance to earn a Bachelor’s of Science in business with a concentration on the thriving industry of risk and insurance. The curriculum is comprised of courses that offer an in-depth understanding of areas such as, personal insurance, insurance company operations, property and casualty insurance, real and personal property, insurance law, employee benefits, principles of risk management and insurance, and risk analysis and strategy. Additionally, this degree also provides undergraduates with a chance to take on a professional insurance or risk-based internship and offers students a healthy balance of the necessary business-related courses, which will prepare them for supervision, management, and leadership positions.”

“Dr. David Brown has been one of the most supportive professors I have come across at Ferris State, constantly offering dedicated students professional guidance and fresh scholarship opportunities. Because of him, I was able to land two scholarships my first semester in the program, which certainly helped lighten my financial burden. Dr. Brown has also pointed me in the right direction to become an official member of The Risk Management Society “RIMS” and I am now eligible to apply for yet another scholarship, allowing me to attend the well-known RIMS annual conference in New Orleans during April of 2015. This conference is an exceptional resume worthy networking opportunity to gain career-related insight with experienced professionals of the field and even gives students the chance to meet the other determined risk management scholars.”

“Although I am still new to the major, based on my understanding and experiences in the program thus far, I can honestly say, the insurance and risk management industry is one of the most rewarding and fulfilling fields a student can pursue. This is simply because there is not one industry in the world where hazards and risk do not exist and providing the security of insurance as a safety net to these dangers is the primary technique used to mitigate our exposures to loss. Employers across the country are eager to hire qualified graduates in a variety of positions including, but not limited to, insurance agents, adjusters, representatives, and underwriters. There is no doubt in my mind that this continuously evolving program unlocks a door alive with never-ending opportunities to advance your career and, if properly taken advantage of, an admirable income with excellent growth.”

– Scott Sawyer