Recent Business Administration graduate, Scott Mooney

Student Enriches Learning While On Internship With Spectrum Health

Throughout college, students learn the importance of networking to open doors for job and internship opportunities. Recent Business Administration graduate, Scott Mooney did just that to land his internship with Spectrum Health.

Mooney enjoys making the workplace better and adding value to the customer experience by applying what he has learned from the College of Business.

While on internship, Mooney led a workplace organization event. This event allowed for the company to reorganize the pharmacy in the Spectrum Health Big Rapids Hospital. As a result, Mooney and his team improved the workflow by 26%, returned $20,000 worth of unused equipment to the Spectrum Health System, and increased staff work space by 50%.

This is Mooney’s second internship focused on the business side of healthcare. He has found that each experience provides an opportunity to learn something new. While interning he learned the application of lean systems in healthcare through organizing three-day events and coordinating large-scale projects among multiple departments.

Mooney encourages students to network with both business professionals and professors. By seeking available resources at Ferris State University, many students are able to receive aid in making the first connection and gain an opening to enrich their learning experience and become a true professional.

Earning a bachelor degree in Business Administration has prepared Mooney to make what he wants most out of his professional career.

“I like the idea of developing people into leaders,” said Mooney. “Watching people grow and knowing that I had an effect on someone is truly rewarding.”