Student Makes a Difference By Focusing On The Details

When determining future plans, focusing on both short and long term goals allows for students to make decisions effectively. Human Resource Management student Sabrina Heaton did just that at her Summer 2016 internship in Talent Acquisition at Challenge Manufacturing.

During her internship, Heaton learned about the hiring process for new employees in-depth. This included resume searches, setting up interviews, interviewing, and incorporating new employees. For Heaton, even the little details she did on internship were of great importance.

Even the smallest tasks make for a world of help.

“Whether I am filing paperwork for someone or searching for potential candidates for open positions in the company, I believe that even the smallest tasks make for a world of help when everyone has multiple tasks to get done,” Heaton said.

Although working for Challenge Manufacturing was her first experience with HR outside of the College of Business, Heaton had no trouble adjusting to the work world. Connecting with the Ferris Core Value of “Opportunity,” she took what she learned in her first two years at Ferris and successfully applied it to her internship. She took pride in creating a positive working environment and experiencing all that her summer internship had to offer. 

I feel as if I am making a significant difference.

“I feel as if I am making a significant difference during my internship at Challenge Manufacturing,” said Heaton.

Now that she has gained both knowledge and experience while working at Challenge Manufacturing, Heaton hopes to achieve her short term goal of interning in Sydney, Australia. While nothing is officially determined yet, her long term professional goals involve a focus on the automotive industry.

Heaton wants to encourage others to seek out opportunities both at Ferris and in the business world. She advises students to not be afraid of applying to different companies that are outside of Ferris’s resources. She believes connecting personally with different companies or businesses can lead to surprising internships.

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