Leesa Deadwyler, Operations and Supply Management Senior

Students Play Key Role in Improving Efficiency for Company

In the business world, companies seek to be efficient in all aspects of business. Operations and Supply Management professionals help make this possible by solving tough problems that are limiting the company from working at full potential.

Leesa Deadwyler, a senior in the Operations and Supply Management (OSM) program and with minors in both Spanish and Human Resource Management, is doing just that at her internship with global, high technology company Gentex.

Deadwyler’s interest in Gentex originally stemmed from one of her professors recommending the company, which has been a popular place for OSM students to intern. Through her professors help, she was able to get in contact and set up an interview a few days later.

While on internship, Deadwyler is learning how orders are processed in the automotive industry, how various operating systems can be used in order management, and how parts of the supply chain must evolve to meet customers demands. At Gentex she has worked on several projects that ultimately saved the Order Management team considerable time and effort.

Through independently managing her own activities and contribution to important projects, Deadwyler has formatted documents, created work instructions, and improved the efficiency of the daily processes within the company. Additionally she has played a key role in assisting the team in fulfilling customer orders and transferring customers to the new distribution center, which was an extremely important to excel in this summer.

This is Deadwyler second internship; last summer, she was a Supply Chain Planning intern at Amway. In reflection over these experiences, she encourages other students seeking internships to be open and willing to learn.

“It is amazing how many industries the majors in the College of Business can be relevant in,” said Deadwyler, “it is important that students do not limit themselves.”


Monica VandenBerg, also a senior in the Operations and Supply Management program is working on lean manufacturing at Gentex.. With a focus on the seven forms of waste management, and how Gentex can eliminate any of these to save money, time, and employees efforts.

With each new project, VandenBerg is learning the importance of communication to each team in regards to how plans are be executed and if they agree with the changes being implemented.

“One change can have a huge impact on other teams down the line” said VandenBerg, “it’s important to realize the global effect a project will have on the work environment.”

By putting in extra hours on multiple different shifts, Vandenburg is able to see the effects her projects make on each different employee team. Vandenburg describes her internship to be similar to that of a Material Support Engineer (MSE). Working on projects that help the teams inadvertently helps the company as a whole run smoother.

As an opportunist, Vandenburg loves taking leaps and chances to see what the future may hold. After attending the Career Fair here at Ferris State University, Vandenburg was able to network with Gentex and was recruited for an internship shortly after.

In the future, both Vandenburg and Deadwyler hope to be considered for a full-time position at Gentex where they can further their experience gained and continue to apply it to benefit the company.