A Silent Disco event put on by MIMA at Ferris

The Music Movement: Students Value Meaning Behind the Music

How can we use music as a medium for good?

“Music is an omnipresent force that affects us all. It’s how we tell stories, let off steam, dance, cry, laugh. You name it, music has it. It’s so much more than just entertainment,” says Music Industry Management (MIM) junior Josh Olszewski. “I decided to study MIM at Ferris because it’s the only one of its kind.”

Always having an interest for the influence of music, Olszewski knew that the music business was for him. In addition to his degree in MIM, he has a minor in Public Relations.

As the Public Relations intern and Silent Disco Presents Brand Ambassador at Porterhouse Presents in Traverse City, Michigan, Olszewski is able to bring to life his passion for the movement of music. “I chose to intern here because I can really get behind what they are trying to do: bettering the community through arts, music, and ideas. [Music] is a way to help people.”

He wants to be more than a businessman, and more than a music mogul. With high aspirations of working for NPR or Ted Talks, Olszewski wants to, “encourage people to think about the world we live in and explore different perspectives. I want to do the same with music. How can we use music as a medium for good? Let’s take music festivals a step further and raise awareness about social and global issues,” says Olszewski.

(Victoria) Tori Pizzuto immersed herself in the Music Industry Management program for similar reasons as Olszewski; the sense of empowerment that music was able to provide not only herself, but others.

“I loved feeling the joy that I felt when I was at a show. I loved watching the crowd escape reality for a few hours and truly immerse themselves in something wonderful, and I wanted to be a part of bringing that joy,” says Pizzuto.

Pizzuto is entering her senior year at Ferris and currently interning at Cumulus Media in Chicago, Illinois, an alternative music internship she’s been eyeballing since she was in high school. Her position has many job responsibilities, including working events, packaging tickets, calling prize winners, promoting radio stations, and strengthening relationships with listeners.

Pizzuto and Olszewski attribute their industry success to their MIM education and involvement in the registered student organization, Music Industry Management Association (MIMA).

“The projects MIMA takes on are truly a direct reflection of the music industry. Because of MIMA, I already had a pretty good understanding of how sponsorship works, how to effectively promote shows, and how to work in teams,” says Olszewski.

The prestigious and elite 5-star organization is known for bringing entertainment to the Big Rapids community, and for transitioning students into becoming professionals.

“Having been involved in MIMA for three years now, our promotional tables [on campus] have made me completely comfortable with talking to strangers, getting them invested in what we’re doing, and getting our name out there,” says Pizzuto.