Thieves and Theme Parks: Finance Student Corey Green Interns at Cedar Point

The revenue team and myself have caught more than 10 employees stealing and have recovered thousands of dollars.

Corey Green is not a Criminal Justice student, but at his internship he helped catch bad guys. As a Revenue Audit Intern in the Revenue Accounting Department at Cedar Point Amusement Park in Sandusky, Ohio during Summer 2018, Green was able to detect multiple instances of thievery and do something about it.

“The revenue team and myself have caught more than 10 employees stealing and have recovered thousands of dollars,” said Green, a senior in the Finance program expecting to graduate in May 2019. “I have learned how to prevent losses, internally, throughout the company in the Revenue Accounting Department.”

Green was able to be part of the company and gained hands on learning experience at his internship. These experiences, along with his membership in the Financial Management Association (FMA), a registered student organization at Ferris State University, will help Green as he seeks full time employment in the near future.

Green’s advice for students looking for an internship is “Students should start networking as soon as possible. Make sure you apply to many internships and do not be too picky on your first one. Do not get discouraged if you get cut in the final rounds of interviews or get denied the position; use it as motivation.”

Green also noted that he had an advantage going into his interview because the hiring manager was from Michigan and respected the Ferris State University College of Business.

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