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Voyages Through Future’s Past: The Students Behind The 24th Annual Gala

The management team... build skills in team communication, event planning, and employee supervision.

The Hospitality Management program’s annual Hospitality Gala is right around the corner! Students in the program have been working diligently to organize this year’s event, Voyage Through Future’s Past.

Every student enrolled in courses in the Hospitality Management program participates in Gala. This event gives students the opportunity to receive hands-on experience in almost every part of the hospitality industry from banquet service to culinary preparation to entertainment production to sales and promotions.

“The Hospitality Gala is one of the most immersive learning environments our students will experience during their academic career in the program,” said Amy Dorey, faculty advisor for Gala.

The management team is composed of 20 students. Students apply, interview, and are potentially offered one of the leadership positions.

Neil Haney, a senior in Hotel Management, serves as the current Gala general manager. Haney’s main responsibility is to supervise the team of student managers. His favorite part of his position is working with all the other students that help make the event a success.

“The experiences for the management team are enhanced as they build skills in team communication, event planning, and employee supervision, “ said Dorey.

Garret Taylor, a senior in Resort Management, holds the position of the assistant general manager for Gala. One of his main responsibilities is reaching out to alumni and faculty. He strives to create a professional environment and positive atmosphere.

“This is the third hospitality Gala I have worked on the management team and this experience has benefited me in many ways,” said Taylor. “In the beginning, Gala was about learning the industry skills necessary to succeed, but as I have worked and matured in this business, I now apply the skills I have learned towards my role as assistant general manager.”

The Hospitality Management program reaches out to other programs for assistance as well. Jordan House, a junior in the Public Relations program, had the opportunity this year to serve on the management team.

“I have worked on press releases, social media management, and media pitches and communications, said House.” “I just completed my first radio interview the other day, and that’s something I never would have thought I would get to do. This experience with Gala has allowed me to not only get more of a hands-on take with PR, but it has taught me some of the tricks that you wouldn’t normally learn in a regular class”

The 24th annual Gala will be held on Feb. 27 in the University Center. Seats can be purchased online for $75 through the Hospitality website. Approximately $15,000 is raised for student scholarships and funding for student academic travel through Gala. More information about the Hospitality Management program and Gala can be found by visiting their website here.