Zachary J Braunschneider’s Internship at Tesla

I also learned a lot about IT troubleshooting and how to find ways to improve processes.

Zach Braunschneider, Ferris Computer Information Technology student, interned at Tesla during the summer of 2020. During the academic year, Braunschneider is involved with First Technology Professional RSO, the Leadership Distinction Program, and the Executive Mentor program.

Braunschneider worked at the IT helpdesk bar troubleshooting computer issues for his internship. He also was a member of the team improving IT processes and overseeing IT inventory in the factory. Learning how to manage time and handle the stress of working in intense situations was a valuable skill Braunschneider gained at his internship. The most significant part of the internship for Braunschneider was creating a new procedure for the way that Tesla receives old and broken laptops.

“I also learned a lot about IT troubleshooting and how to find ways to improve processes.”

Ferris State University provided “relevant coursework that helped me improve my IT skills and giving me the opportunity to work in the IT solution center which was huge in improving my ability to troubleshoot computer issues over the phone,” said Braunschneider. “These skills were vital to helping me achieve at Tesla.”

The day before Braunschneider started working remotely, due to the coronavirus, was his most memorable. There were a lot of laptop orders so he and his supervisor were going to multiple facilities to make sure everything was going smoothly.

Braunschneider says that internships are valuable because they provide students an opportunity to work in a real-world environment and get experience in multiple facets of your field. He says that the most important part of internships for students is the ability to network and ask questions.

Advice he gives to students looking for internships is to “Apply everywhere, even places that don’t seem to exactly fit with your major, but you have interest in,” Braunschneider said. “I learned so much great information from my first internship in IT, but it was at a place where most people don’t think of IT, an art museum.”