Student Testimonials

Since starting the Digital Media Software Engineering (DMSE) program here at Ferris, my life has changed so much. The professors are always available and ready to help all of the students succeed. ~AnthonyI really like the DMSE program because the classes are informative and we learn from people that are/were in the software business. Plus the fact that the program uses/or talks about the latest developments in the industry including hands-on experience. ~MS
The DMSE program has given me an excellent window into the technologies and innovations that will drive the future. Learning today’s methodologies and practices with an open mind about how they can be applied to upcoming developments is incredibly valuable. There is definitely a good balance between instruction and self-discovery, and I very much enjoy the idea of enhancing my learning through personal experiences and experiments. ~KDThe DMSE program is a valuable step in my career path. While we are taught the theory behind software development, we are encouraged to apply this to projects of our choosing. This allows me to create what I would like to, using theory acquired from lecture. ~PH
I work in the field and the instructor does a great job of relating real-world scenarios to the topics being taught. I have been able to use the knowledge gained in class to write a UI where I work. Each topic we cover in class comes to life in my job most everyday. ~JSMy internship was a wonderful opportunity to learn business practices and corporate culture. Being able to take practices learned in class and apply them at Steelcase reinforced my learning even further. I also learned many valuable skills on how to present and market myself as an individual. All in all, I could not have asked for a better opportunity. ~Kyle
The Digital Media and Software Engineering program is absolutely amazing. Ferris gave me the tools and skills to early in the program so that I was able to get a job as a Software Developer while still going to school. I was groomed for interviews, jobs, and was able to hook into the Ferris Job Network. Would I recommend this program to other students? I already do, and will continue to in the future. ~AD