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Tim Brotherton Memorial Endowed Scholarship

April 7, 2020


Recently, Marketing Professor Dr. Tim Brotherton passed away after a challenging yet courageous battle with cancer. His positive attitude and spirit was an inspiration to us all. To remember and continue his impact on the lives of Ferris students, the College of Business has started a fund entitled the Tim Brotherton Memorial Endowed Scholarship. 

The scholarship fund is on its way to $12,500 with over $1,300 given as of 3.25.2020. The $12,500 will secure the matching dollars needed to fund the endowment fully. Tim’s scholarship will be included in this year’s One Day for Dawgs, which is crucial since last year’s campaign produced over $95,000 for various initiatives and scholarships across campus. Your help is needed to reach this goal! The scholarship is ready to take online payments at To access Tim’s fund, go to the drop-down portion of the form (near the top of the page) and select the “Tim Brotherton Memorial Endowed Scholarship.” There are many giving options available, including one-time and recurring gifts. If you prefer to contribute via check, please forward those to Patty Rettinger in BUS 212 – please make all checks payable to the Ferris Foundation. 

Please help inform others, including emeriti and alumni, of this opportunity to give that provides financial assistance to our students while honoring the memory of Tim Brotherton.

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