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“Warning Lights” for Human Trafficking

March 2, 2016


Ferris State University recently held a seminar to bring awareness to the issue of human trafficking. This seminar helped Hospitality Management students understand the role their industry can play in combatting a disturbing organized crime happening all over the United States.

Human trafficking is both a national and local problem. It is modern slavery, in which someone is sold against his or her will for labor, or, most commonly, sex. This seminar identified the “warning lights” Hotel Management students should recognize so that they can prevent human trafficking in their hotel.

Prevention through awareness is key. Warning lights give insight on the lures, signs, and ways to respond to human trafficking. Warning lights are all around us and are symbols that work to keep people safe. Some warning lights include: no identification, a person who sounds robotic or coached in responses to questions, and tattoos (branding). Awareness of these signs is the first step toward preventing human trafficking.

This seminar and certification took place on February 26 in the Business Auditorium (Rm 111) by the Youth Ambassador, Jen Amo from the the Women at Risk Int.  In hopes to bring awareness to this issue, Hospitality Professor, Karyn Kiio conducted the seminar.

Check out the full video on Channel 9&10 news.